Diagnostics and Fault Finding

All modern vehicles have a variety of on board electronic systems fitted that monitor the various systems on the vehicle, from Airbag Systems and ABS to Engine Management and Wipers.

If the system detects a fault, a fault code may be stored. This can only be accessed and erased using diagnostic equipment.

Depending on the severity of the fault, a warning light may come on. This is a warning that the fault requires attention and the vehicle should be checked as soon as possible.

When more serious faults occur, the car may go into “Limp Mode,” meaning that the car’s power is reduced and may feel sluggish. This only occurs with serious engine or automatic gearbox faults.

Our workshop is equipped with the latest Volkswagen Audi Group diagnostic equipment which is regularly updated.

If your car has a warning light on, then you may have a problem with your car. Please contact us and we will be able to diagnose and rectify the fault.

Clear concise diagnosis & rectification of an electrical fault within 24 hours – you guys will be servicing my mothers VW from now on. Thanks for great personal service in an ever increasingly impersonal world!
Google Review

My car VW Passat injector gone – they found the fault very quick and changed my car injector at a reasonable price – much, much cheaper than elsewhere and dealers. I would recommend them to any car owners.
Saman Ali (Yell Review)

Very quick and professional service. Had a fault with a flat battery – RAC said it was not the battery.  When checked by VW Service Centre they found a dead cell, installed a new battery – no problems since.  Thanks – would recommend.
Mr B. Hopwood (Yell Review)