Frequently Asked Questions

Things Our Customers Like To Know
My new car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Can I still use The VW Service Centre to save on maintenance costs?
Yes you can, little known laws allow us to complete all of your service requirements and wear and tear items such as brakes, tyres and wiper blades at a fraction of the cost at main dealers.
My new car has a free service package from the main dealer. Can The VW Service Centre still save me money?
Yes. Free dealer servicing tends to only cover basic oil services and may not include items such as brakes, tyres and wiper blades to mention but a few. Any additional work carried out by the main dealer will be chargeable…at dealer rates. We advise you check what is included in your service plan and save money by having any extra work carried out by ourselves.
My car is getting older now; how can I keep maintenance costs to a minimum?
We understand that maintaining older vehicles can sometimes be very costly. At The VW Service Centre, we are able to give you a choice of genuine manufacturer parts or suitable, OEM Specification parts to help suit your budget.
Do you fit genuine manufacturer parts?
Yes, we fit Genuine and OEM Parts and Oils according to the customer’s needs.
Who will be working on my vehicle?
Our Technicians are all main dealer factory trained and are responsible for maintaining your vehicle and have worked in VAG Garages for a combined 35+ years.
Can I see them working on my vehicle?
Of course! You can speak and watch the Technicians at work if you visit the garage.
How do you keep up with the latest technology for the new vehicles?
As an Independent Volkswagen Audi Group Specialist, The VW Service Centre has the latest diagnostic software which is constantly updated in order to be able to access the latest on board computer systems. In addition, our specialist technicians have direct access to Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Skoda’s technical databases where they are able to look up any technical or maintenance query.
Are you able to stamp my service history book and reset my service interval?
Yes, we are able to stamp your service history book which should you ever sell your vehicle, confirms to the new owner that services have been carried out by a specialist to exact manufacturer criteria. The service light is correctly reset to the correct servicing interval.
I need a replacement vehicle whilst my car is being serviced
No problem at all; we are able to provide you with a Loan Car (subject to certain insurance and return time conditions) which is Free of Charge.
I work during the day and will find it difficult to drop my car to the garage, how can you help?
Again no problem! We are able to offer a limited local collection/delivery service. One of the team will collect the vehicle from your home or place of work in the morning and drop your vehicle back again at the end of the day. You are able to pay by credit/debit card over the phone and you will be given all receipts and invoices.